4 tips on finding a great house in the city of Cabool


Are you ready to take one of the most important steps of your life? Finding a home can be a challenge, no matter where you go. That’s why we’re here to help guide you in the search for the home of your dreams.

Here are four tips on finding a great house in the city of Cabool


As for all homeowners, the location does matter. Consider the location of the home before you fall in love with the interior.

Look for your type of home

Cabool is filled with tons of style in housing. Consider what style of home fits your interest as there is no one-size-fits-all. A condo might be perfect for a private couple but not ideal for those who want to share a wall with their neighbor.

Leave room to grow

Find a home that can adapt to you and your family’s needs. Always leave room to grow, especially if you’re planning to have a baby or making room for future children or visitors. If you can’t find a home that large and fit your budget, find one that will allow you to remodel later on.

Be flexible

Consider a home with multiple functions so the house will remain functional through the years. For example, an open kitchen will work great especially if you’re looking to raise kids. You can cook while you are watching the kids play or entertain. A house with an open floor plan is easier to manage as it is also adaptable. You can quickly redesign the home without having to make bigger changes.

The city of Cabool is filled with houses of all shapes and sizes. With a bit of patience and effort, you will be able to find your dream home in no time.


Preparing Your Family For A Trip To Cabool, Missouri  


Cabool is a small city in Missouri and home to over 2,000 residents, as of 2010. The British named the city Cabool in 1881, because it was supposed to represent their pull out of the Second Anglo-Afghan war. It was told that the engineer in charge of the railroad construction in Cabool was also in charge of the Afghanistan railroad construction. Many of the British thought that Texas County resembled Afghanistan in some way. Of course, the locals knew the city as Cedar Bluff, before this time period.


Other Legends


There are other legends floating around about the city’s name. One legend claimed that the city was named after Indian chief, Chief Kabul, who resided in the vicinity. However, this legend was never confirmed, but it does continue. The legend also claims that Chief Kabul and his lover jumped to their deaths into the Onyx Pool. There was also a poem written (1903) about the event and it was determined that the parents’ lovers did not approve of their relationship.


Public Services


There are various companies located in Texas County that provide a long range of services to the public. Pest control in Chicago, hair saloons, roofing companies, and auto repair garages are only to name a few. Whenever a local is in need of a public service, there will always be a smiley-face service provider there to assist. In 20110, there were 515 families living with the city limits and 918 in total. Caucasians make up over 96 percent of the race, with 0.4 percent African Americans.




If you get the opportunity, you should also schedule a visit to Branson, Missouri. The city was named after the very popular postmaster, Rueben Branson. He also operated a small general store in the 1880s. Branson has grown from a small town to a fairly large city, with a population of over 6,000, according to the 2000 census. Many of the locals refer to Branson as “Family-Friendly Las Vegas”, because there are various attractions, shows, and neon signs.

The Table Rock Lake is one of the Taney County’s most attractive tourist destinations. There are a variety of outdoor activities, including sightseeing, fishing, boating, hiking, and hunting. Many visitors visit the lake just to escape the big city. Whatever the case may be, everyone should definitely take the time out of their busy schedule to visit Cabool and Branson, Missouri at least once in their lifetime.




5 restaurants in Cabool you can’t miss


The town of Cabool has many delicious eats to find on nearly every corner. After a couple weeks of living in Cabool or simply driving by, you will notice all the familiar friendly faces at the local restaurants and even develop lifelong friendships.

Here are five restaurants in Cabool you can’t miss.

El Imperial

523 Main Street
Cabool, MO 65689

As the town’s most favorite restaurant, El Imperial serves delicious and hearty Mexican food. This restaurant serves traditional Mexican food from the classic tacos to fresh of the Skillet Fajitas and Enchiladas. Don’t forget the end the meal right with El Imperial’s signature dessert, Sopapilla.

L.A. Café

525 Ozark Ave.
Cabool, MO 65689

L.A. Café is quite a small café, but big in the hearts of long-time customers. It is a small town family business that is operated to serve the best food and strive for customer satisfaction. The service is just as great as the home-cooked food. If you’re looking for a good old’ American cheeseburger with fries, this is the place to go.

The Broken Spoke Saloon

607 Main Street.
Cabool, MO 65689

Looking for a place to drink and relax? The Broken Spoke Saloon is the town’s local bar and just one of the two businesses with a liquor license. Aside from the large array of drinks, you can stuff yourself for less than ten bucks. They play all the favorite sports events including basketball, football, baseball, and boxing. You can even indulge in a game of pool with friends or the locals.

El Rancho Truck Plaza

14081 Highway 60
Cabool, Missouri 65689

If you’re taking a road trip or simply out for a relaxing drive, El Rancho Truck Plaza will satisfy your cravings. Here you’ll find all your favorite comfort foods from fried chicken to good ole catfish and mashed potatoes.

Whispering Oaks Vineyard and Winery

520 Lucky Road
Seymour, Missouri 65746

If you’re into classic wine, take a short forty minute drive to the Whispering Oaks Vineyard and Winery. They will provide a relaxing environment to enjoy a day filled with wine tasting and gorgeous country views.


3 reasons why Cabool is such a great place to build a family


With the beautiful scene routes every direction, well-developed schools and low crime rates, who wouldn’t want to live in Cabool, Missouri. Located in the heart of the National Scenic River ways, you can find plenty of activities to do and experience without ever having to leave town.

Here are 3 reasons why Cabool is such a great place to build a family.

Cabool is perfect for Outdoor Living



With the rush of the Piney River to the history that still stands in the Ozark region, Cabool is filled with scenic parks in every direction. Many families come to enjoy the history in the Ozark region as Cabool is often called the Gateway to the Ozark Water Mill Trails. These mills were once the power system of the early Missouri towns as they provided the natural water resource for grinding flour and grain.

Cabool is surrounded by powerful water resources such as the Big Piney River which were one a prime location for settlement.

Plenty of Recreational Activities



From the Butler Children’s Park to the West Plains Aquatic Center, children of all ages can enjoy many activities all year long. Cabool is home to many Cinemas, Ranches, and Parks and even hosts a Rodeo Arena and Author Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and Museum.

Tons of Trails and Lakes to Explore



If you and your family enjoys the idea of fishing, hiking, or even trailing along the scenic Ozark forests, you can sure to discover the many natural activities in the heart of Cabool. There’s a paved hiking trail that covers of a mile along with exercise and health programs to help keep your family healthy while you enjoy the great outdoors. An eight-acre fishing lake is currently being developing as the Missouri Dept. of Conservation is looking to fill the lake with fish and other outdoor amenities needed for a peaceful trip.

So, if the outdoors is what you and your family love, Cabool is a great place to build your family.


Tips On How To Winterize Your Home In Cabool, Missouri

Your home is always going to be your most prized possession. For this very reason, you will need to devise a maintenance plan that is suitable for your schedule. The maintenance plan should also include a winterizing project that should be scheduled for the early autumn season. Many Missourians will escape the cold winter months in the mountains and head to the sunny beaches in Florida or California. Whatever the case may be, you will need to maintenance your home properly to prevent it from deteriorating.


Devising A Plan


The first thing you should to do is sit down with your partner or better half and devise a winterization plan. Crete a list of tasks that should be done before the winter sets in. Start with the plumbing and end with the guttering system, so you can complete each task in a timely and uniformed manner.


Always inspect the plumbing pipes on the inside and outside of the home. Look for leaks or decrepit pipes, because they will need to be replaced. This may require the assistance of a licensed plumber, if your plumbing skills are lacking in any aspects. Leaks may only require tightening the pipes, but if this is not the case, you will need to have them replaced.


You can also utilize electric heating tapes or insulated coverings to keep the water pipes from freezing. These products very well, but when the temperatures reach down into the double digits, you may need to leave the tap running. Of course, this is not an environmental friendly option, but frozen pipes can be a pain and if they bust, you may be out hundreds of dollars for repairs.


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Adjust The Thermostat


Your heat pump or heating and air conditioning unit is going to use more electricity than any other appliance or device in your home. Choose a suitable temperature setting that will keep your home warm and cozy. Avoid making adjustments, because this will drive up your electric bill drastically. Most homeowners choose the 72 degrees Fahrenheit setting. This setting is suitable for newer homes, but older homes may require a higher setting.


Small space heaters are also a great option, but these are very dangerous, if they are left unattended. Many of the modern heaters are embedded with a safety mechanism that automatically switches the unit off, if it gets tilted over. Never place electric space heaters near furniture or in reach of children. Also, never leave them on, when you are away from the home.