Sitting above the Big Piney River, a city named Cabool was founded in the year 1878. The city of Cabool was named after a town named Kabul in Afghanistan. The town was one of many to spring along the railways of Kansas City, Memphis, and Ford Scott.

Legend says that one of the many construction engineers who built the railroad through Cabool thought the town looked like the region of Kabul. The engineer who served with the British military forces had claimed that the city was similar to Kabul.

Other legends claim that the town was named after an Indian chief named Chief Kabul. The poem “Legend of Cabool” was written in 1903 by Author Ben Durnell and Tug Wilson. The poem depicted a tragic love story with the Indian chief and his lover with a dramatic ending.

In 1883, the start of the first home and businesses were developed and turned into a town within a year. The city became known for its commercial trade in lumber.

Today, Cabool is known as deer capital of the state of Missouri and is located in the heart of the dairy country. The major highways 60 and 63 go along Cabool, making it a go-to Hotspot for travelers. The town of Cabool is located near the Ozark National Scenic Riverways and the Mark Twain National Forest.