Preparing Your Family For A Trip To Cabool, Missouri  


Cabool is a small city in Missouri and home to over 2,000 residents, as of 2010. The British named the city Cabool in 1881, because it was supposed to represent their pull out of the Second Anglo-Afghan war. It was told that the engineer in charge of the railroad construction in Cabool was also in charge of the Afghanistan railroad construction. Many of the British thought that Texas County resembled Afghanistan in some way. Of course, the locals knew the city as Cedar Bluff, before this time period.


Other Legends


There are other legends floating around about the city’s name. One legend claimed that the city was named after Indian chief, Chief Kabul, who resided in the vicinity. However, this legend was never confirmed, but it does continue. The legend also claims that Chief Kabul and his lover jumped to their deaths into the Onyx Pool. There was also a poem written (1903) about the event and it was determined that the parents’ lovers did not approve of their relationship.


Public Services


There are various companies located in Texas County that provide a long range of services to the public. Pest control in Chicago, hair saloons, roofing companies, and auto repair garages are only to name a few. Whenever a local is in need of a public service, there will always be a smiley-face service provider there to assist. In 20110, there were 515 families living with the city limits and 918 in total. Caucasians make up over 96 percent of the race, with 0.4 percent African Americans.




If you get the opportunity, you should also schedule a visit to Branson, Missouri. The city was named after the very popular postmaster, Rueben Branson. He also operated a small general store in the 1880s. Branson has grown from a small town to a fairly large city, with a population of over 6,000, according to the 2000 census. Many of the locals refer to Branson as “Family-Friendly Las Vegas”, because there are various attractions, shows, and neon signs.

The Table Rock Lake is one of the Taney County’s most attractive tourist destinations. There are a variety of outdoor activities, including sightseeing, fishing, boating, hiking, and hunting. Many visitors visit the lake just to escape the big city. Whatever the case may be, everyone should definitely take the time out of their busy schedule to visit Cabool and Branson, Missouri at least once in their lifetime.