Tips On How To Winterize Your Home In Cabool, Missouri

Your home is always going to be your most prized possession. For this very reason, you will need to devise a maintenance plan that is suitable for your schedule. The maintenance plan should also include a winterizing project that should be scheduled for the early autumn season. Many Missourians will escape the cold winter months in the mountains and head to the sunny beaches in Florida or California. Whatever the case may be, you will need to maintenance your home properly to prevent it from deteriorating.


Devising A Plan


The first thing you should to do is sit down with your partner or better half and devise a winterization plan. Crete a list of tasks that should be done before the winter sets in. Start with the plumbing and end with the guttering system, so you can complete each task in a timely and uniformed manner.


Always inspect the plumbing pipes on the inside and outside of the home. Look for leaks or decrepit pipes, because they will need to be replaced. This may require the assistance of a licensed plumber, if your plumbing skills are lacking in any aspects. Leaks may only require tightening the pipes, but if this is not the case, you will need to have them replaced.


You can also utilize electric heating tapes or insulated coverings to keep the water pipes from freezing. These products very well, but when the temperatures reach down into the double digits, you may need to leave the tap running. Of course, this is not an environmental friendly option, but frozen pipes can be a pain and if they bust, you may be out hundreds of dollars for repairs.


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Adjust The Thermostat


Your heat pump or heating and air conditioning unit is going to use more electricity than any other appliance or device in your home. Choose a suitable temperature setting that will keep your home warm and cozy. Avoid making adjustments, because this will drive up your electric bill drastically. Most homeowners choose the 72 degrees Fahrenheit setting. This setting is suitable for newer homes, but older homes may require a higher setting.


Small space heaters are also a great option, but these are very dangerous, if they are left unattended. Many of the modern heaters are embedded with a safety mechanism that automatically switches the unit off, if it gets tilted over. Never place electric space heaters near furniture or in reach of children. Also, never leave them on, when you are away from the home.